Real-time results. Right now. The future is today with SAP HANA on Cisco UCS.

Why wait for tomorrow when you can gain a competitive advantage today? The SAP HANA platform installed on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) delivers the industry's latest Big Data and unified computing technology that enables your financial institution to reduce costs, simplify business processes, and deliver highly personalized banking experiences for your consumers. SAP and Cisco make it easy to have real-time decision making right now.

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See how the SAP HANA platform on Cisco UCS can transform your financial institution.

IDC Insights on Cisco UCS for SAP HANA

As enterprise IT turns to integrated systems to reduce the complexity, risk, and cost of managing datacenter infrastructure, Cisco's integrated system built on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) provides advantages when integrated with the SAP HANA platform.

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Bet Big on Data

Personalized service is a core asset of the financial-services industry. See how bank executives surveyed by Bloomberg Businessweek are using new data-management technology to their advantage to win new business and deliver consistent, customized customer service.

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Transform Your Data-Management Strategy

You wouldn't think a bargain could transform the financial-services industry, but that's exactly what's happening. Learn the key steps to creating an efficient and effective data-management strategy that capitalizes on Big Data to drive faster, smarter decision making.

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Real-Time Decision Making Now

SAP's Rayn Veerubhotla and Jim McHugh of Cisco discuss the business benefits that your financial institution can gain using the combined innovation power of SAP HANA platform on Cisco UCS joint solution.

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Instant Data Insight

Consumers' demands are continually changing, and your financial institution needs to understand and adjust to them instantly. See how one company's deployment of SAP HANA on Cisco UCS solution gave it the rapid, reliable information processing and analysis needed to stay ahead of competitors.

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An Early Adopter of SAP HANA on Cisco UCS

Medical technology company Medtronic was one of the first companies to adopt SAP HANA on Cisco UCS solution. Read about the benefits and challenges of its implementation process and discover how the in-memory platform can improve your own company's data-intensive initiatives.

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A One-of-a-Kind Partnership

Padmasree Warrior, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer for Cisco, describes Cisco's unique partnership with SAP and the benefits of in-memory computing technology for your business.

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Business Value Delivered

Rebecca Jacoby, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Cisco, explains how the Cisco-SAP joint solution can enable your business to simplify the delivery of high-value information to your decision makers.

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Automated Response in Real Time

SAP HANA running on the Cisco UCS server platform is a seamless solution. Cisco's John Stone and Eric Robertson demonstrate how the Cisco UCS server platform can sense changes to the needs of the SAP HANA platform and respond automatically in real time without intervention from application IT managers.

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SAP HANA on Cisco UCS: The Q&A

An overview of how two industry leaders have come together to realize the power of in-memory computing.

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