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An economy of immediacy offers infinite opportunity. It also requires immediate action.

Wholesale Distribution. Reimagined for the new economy.

To thrive in a climate of unprecedented innovation, businesses must reimagine themselves as living systems. Learn to sense, respond, learn, adapt and predict customer and business needs in the moment with SAP’s transformational digital solutions. Now is the time to learn how SAP is working with the wholesale distribution industry to reimagine business and produce the dramatic outcomes necessary for prosperity in a new economy.


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Embracing the Digital Economy in the Wholesale Distribution Industry


In a new age, profitable growth isn’t about working better, it’s about working differently.


The digital innovation system that enables you to innovate at scale to confidently redefine your business.


Watch, Learn and Be on The Cutting-Edge of Wholesale Distribution Reimagined.


Events Corner

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The digital future is happening right now.

Attend online or in person to meet up with others who are digitally transforming.
Digital Industries ─ Wholesale Distribution with S.M.A.C. Talk Technology podcast

Learning Corner

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Prepare for your digital transformation online

Whether you are a business executive in charge of vision and strategy, an IT leader in charge of technology strategy, or an IT professional responsible for technology implementation, SAP's Digital Transformation Academy has the courses and resources to help you accelerate your journey to becoming a digital enterprise.
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Digital Experts’ Corner

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Experts around the world are talking about the digital future.

Read what it means to fully embrace the digital economy in SAP's Digitalist Magazine.
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How Digital Transformation Is Rewriting Business Models
Digital Transformation’s Impact On Business Processes And Work

Reimagine your core

The key function of the digital core is to create a functioning digitalization-friendly IT environment.


Learn how SAP S/4HANA provides wholesale distribution companies with a proven framework to adopt industry best practices while attaining operational excellence

Transform Wholesale Distribution with SAP S/4HANA

Discover 10 ways SAP can help you on your digital journey

Top 10 Reasons

Discover the value SAP brings to your digital journey

S/4 HANA Value Advisor



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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is more than the subject of the moment. It’s an important step every company must face to adapt to the requirements of a digital economy.
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