Watch our five-part on-demand Webcast series on SAP Screen Personas today. View the Webcasts today to learn how to:

  • Improve the usability of SAP solution screens, making them more responsive and intuitive
  • Address complaints about time per transaction and provide steps for simplification
  • Improve user satisfaction and productivity

Make SAP ERP Beautiful with SAP Screen Personas
With SAP Screen Personas, you can empower your IT team and end-users to personalize screens for traditional, on-premise SAP solutions without any knowledge of back-end systems, coding skills, or Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP). 

Streamline the Quote-to-Cash Process with SAP Screen Personas 
See for yourself how you can streamline SAP processes without any programming – and get more value from your SAP investment – by using SAP Screen Personas.

Personalization Without Programming: SAP Screen Personas
This webcast will focus on many of the common questions we receive from IT professionals about how Personas fits into their SAP environments. We will also talk about the product’s architecture and how the different components work together to deliver your users clean, intuitive screens. 

Improve Master Data Quality with SAP Screen Personas
Learn how to improve Master Data Quality with SAP Screen Personas.

Varian Medical Improves Sales and Distribution with SAP Screen Personas 
How Varian Medical is improving usability with SAP Screen Personas in the Order Management process.