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Sell Business Outcomes – Not Products

Today’s high tech customers don’t just want a product – they want a complete solution that offers measurable outcomes.

Learn how industry-leading companies have successfully undergone transformation and revolutionized business models, organizational capabilities, business processes, and products – all using SAP solutions.


Six Critical Capabilities

Delivering an outcome or solution is much more complex than just selling a product. Discover the six critical capabilities you need to consider when creating your outcome-based strategy.
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Learn how EMC re-platformed its go-to-market strategy to enable solution selling and improve product releases.
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Learn how high tech companies can stay competitive and pioneer growth and innovation across all industries.
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Six Capabilities to Consider When Building Your Outcome-Based Strategy

Along with new opportunities come new challenges. High tech companies are changing their business models from selling products to selling complete solutions or outcomes.

Here are some of the essential capabilities you’ll need to meet these new challenges head-on – and to maximize the endless possibilities of the outcome-based economy:

Configure Price Quote – Configure, price, and quote complex products and solutions fast and efficiently

Billing & Invoicing – Manage the complete sales order lifecycle for faster billing with less administration

Revenue Recognition – Automate, simplify, and seamlessly comply with new regulations for revenue recognition and accounting

Order Orchestration – Support frictionless order processing – from quote to cash

Recurring Services – Employ holistic sales contract management for long-term sales agreements and create customer-centric subscription offers

Entitlement Management – Provide a real-time view of all customer entitlements including (but not limited to) licenses, subscriptions, and services

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Configure, Price, Quote

Configure, Price, and Quote Complex Products and Solutions Fast and Efficiently

Transform your end-to-end customer experience by seamlessly integrating configure, price, and quote processes across e-commerce and internal sales on one platform. Our software enables your sales teams, channel partners, and customers to:

  • Configure, price, quote, and order complex products, services, and solutions
  • Create complete quotes and orders quickly and accurately
  • Boost net prices through better management of volume discounts, price exceptions, and contract negotiations

SAP Solutions for Configure, Price, and Quote

SAP Configure, Price, and Quote solution: Create complex solutions efficiently and profitably.
Learn more ›

SAP Price and Margin Management by Vendavo application: Make pricing decisions that maximize profits.
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Next-Generation Quoting and Configuration on SAP Hybris, the SAP Solution Sales Configuration Application, and the SAP HANA Platform
Learn how EMC2 implemented SAP software architecture to get rid of legacy system limitations and enable better processes
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Billing & Invoicing

Manage the Complete Sales Order Lifecycle for Faster Billing with Less Administration

Billing and invoicing solutions from SAP integrate the billing management process holistically into your business. This streamlines the order-to-cash process, reduces errors, and improves customer satisfaction.

With automated, specialized functions for a broad variety of billing and invoicing scenarios, our software enables you to:

  • Reduce days-sales-outstanding
  • Improve overall cash flow while lowering administration costs

SAP Solutions for Billing and Invoicing

SAP Hybris Billing solution: Rapidly launch customer-centric subscription offers that set you apart from the competition with B2B and B2C billing applications that include subscription order management, charging, pricing simulation, invoicing, customer financials, flexible solution billing, mediation, and service control.

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Solution: Go from quote to shipment and from billing to booking revenue – in one seamless process.
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Revenue Recognition

Monetize Digital Transformation Through High-Volume, Subscription Billing, and Revenue Management

Customers are demanding new consumption models for high tech products, services, and solutions, such as everything as a service. High tech companies must differentiate themselves by rapidly launching innovative and customer-centric subscription models.

SAP solutions help companies to:

  • Adapt pricing models to customer needs quickly
  • Improve visibility across the process, from customer management to revenue recognition

SAP Solutions for Revenue Recognition

SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting application: Seamlessly comply with new regulations for revenue recognition and accounting.
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Getting Smart About Revenue Recognition: Learn what the rule changes mean for your business.
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Order Orchestration

Support Frictionless Order Processing – From Quote to Cash

Integrate order management and processing – from quote to shipment and from billing to booking revenue and workforce scheduling – in one seamless process. With SAP solutions, you can:

  • Create a smooth and seamless order management process that meets industry-specific requirements
  • Get access to behind-the-scenes automation that streamlines the process, captures sales data from multiple channels, and provides role-based access to information
  • Manage third-party installers via workforce scheduling with SAP Fieldglass solutions

SAP Solutions for Order Orchestration

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: Streamline quotes, contracts, prices, commissions, and deliveries.
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About SAP S/4HANA ›

SAP Fieldglass: Automate your services procurement and external workforce management programs.
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Recurring Services

Employ Holistic Sales Contract Management for Long-term Sales Agreements

Create a unified process by integrating contract management with the sales, pricing, and logistics functionality of order management using SAP solutions. Help your salespeople to:

  • Negotiate and approve long-term sales agreements
  • Monitor sales contracts throughout the agreement lifecycle
  • Track how well purchases are mapping to agreements – in real time – and react quickly when a customer is dissatisfied or contracts are up for renewal
  • Improve sales forecast accuracy and customer satisfication

SAP Solutions for Recurring Services

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management: Employ holistic sales contract management for long-term sales agreements.
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About SAP S/4HANA ›

SAP Sourcing and Contract Management (Cloud): Gain tighter control over strategic sourcing and contract management activities – and maximize savings.
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SAP Hybris Billing, subscription order management solution: Create customer-centric subscription offers and manage related sales processes.
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Entitlement Management

Provide a real-time view of all customer entitlements

What is an Entitlement?
An Entitlement is the right to access a benefit or a service.

With the shift toward intelligent solutions, companies are increasingly focused on driving revenue growth through digital capabilities and tailor-made services. Entitlement models provide a great monetization vehicle to develop flexible offerings and enforcement mechanisms.

  • Create flexible entitlement programs that can be quickly and easily adapted to specific customer needs and market conditions
  • Provide a 360-degree view of the customer in order to identify opportunities for upsell and automatic renewal

SAP Solutions for Entitlement Management

SAP Entitlement Management Solution is a SAP Custom Application Development solution developed for one of the largest software producer in the world to address the challenges in managing customer entitlements including licenses, subscriptions, services, etc.

Learn more about our SAP Custom Application Development Services


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