Effective Disclosure Management: Improving Compliance and Organizational Communication
While the financial downturn exposed faulty business models built on non-existent collateral, it exposed the lack of financial visibility and foresight within the capital markets. The financial turmoil has negatively impacted shareholder’s earnings and many companies have lost credibility and understand that they need to take drastic measures to win back the trust of their prime investors and strategic partners.

Disclosure management focuses on centralization and management of financial close processes. Consequently, eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) tagging and taxonomy, automation of complex financial reporting functions, visibility through better forecasting tools, and accurate accountability models form the crux of disclosure management. In the context of finance, it is a strategic combination of technologies and practices which enable management and dissipation of key financial and accounting information to all stakeholders, to facilitate informed decision making. Aberdeen examines disclosure management practices across businesses to understand the processes and technologies that they have in place to address financial visibility, predictability, compliance, and audit control.

This Webinar will discuss aspects of effective disclosure management in the context of corporate objectives:
·         Reporting accuracy that improves forecasting ability
·         Streamlined reporting that reduces overhead costs
·         Automation of exception handling that increases rapid response
·         Consolidation of interdepartmental data that promotes consistency and accountability
·         Compliance with mandates that decreases audit exposure
Ankita Tyagi
Research Associate, Financial Management & GRC, Aberdeen Group
Ankita Tyagi is a Research Associate in the Financial Management and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) practice at Aberdeen Group. As a researcher, Tyagi leverages fact-based research based on Aberdeen’s PACE (Pressures, Actions, Enablers and Capabilities) methodology to provide guidance to companies on best practices and technologies in the financial closing space, necessary to achieve business objectives and to identify new ROI opportunities.
William Jan
Senior Research Analyst, Financial Management & GRC, Aberdeen Group
William Jan brings a combination of industry experience, analytical skills, and end-user perspective to the Aberdeen Group. Prior to joining Aberdeen, he was the Senior Research Manager of Technology, Media & Telecommunications at Gerson Lehrman Group. With more than 10 years of combined experience in technology analysis and financial services, William continues to provide guidance to companies through fact-based research. He educates executives on best practices in leveraging technology solutions to achieve business objectives, and assists firms in identifying ROI opportunities.
Birgit Starmanns
Senior Director, Marketing, EPM and Finance Solutions, SAP
Birgit Starmanns is a Senior Director with SAP Marketing for EPM (enterprise performance management) and Finance solutions, where one of her focus areas is disclosure management. Birgit has over 20 years of experience across solution marketing, solution management and strategic customer communities, with experience in both finance and customer relationship management, which has allowed her to focus on the integration of cross-functional business processes. Prior to joining SAP, she was a principal in management consulting organizations, redesigning business processes and implementing SAP solutions for numerous Fortune 500 and SME companies, with a focus on financial and management accounting.
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