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SAP Innovation Camp
November 7 and 8, 2012 | Costa Mesa, CA

This year’s Innovation Summer Camp was such a success (read all about it in this SAPInsider
) that we’ve introduced a second installment for November: The SAP Innovation Camp,
a roll-up-your-sleeves excursion into the groundbreaking innovations transforming the market
and literally reshaping the technical foundations of SAP solutions. The camp is spread over two
days and divided into seven tracks based on your business needs. Please find complete track
descriptions below, register to reserve your spot, and book your accommodations by October 16.

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Orchestrated Accelerated Innovation – Transformation to Real Real-Time
Enterprises with Game Changing Technologies

As SAP introduces numerous technological innovations that are set to fundamentally
transform the technical foundations of SAP software, how can customers continue to
leverage what they already have and in parallel, introduce these new innovations in ways
that effectively address their most pressing needs? Further, how can customers ensure these
solutions continue to scale and perform under mission critical conditions and on a 24 x 7
production schedule? In this keynote, Colleen Speer, VP and Head of SAP Active Global
Support North America will present the strategy and how SAP delivers true engineered
engagements that orchestrate the different technologies. An engineering engagement helps
customers leverage what they already have and enable them to introduce new innovations
in ways that effectively addresses their most pressing needs without disruption. This is done
with a close knowledge of the software solution and with reduced total costs of
implementations and operations. It ensures these solutions continue to scale and perform
under mission critical conditions and on a 24 x 7 production schedule.

Colleen Speer, VP and Head of SAP Active Global Support North America

Human Capital Management Track
Increase value to the business with a globalized HCM solution

HR organizations are facing pressure to reduce costs, contend with increased competition,
manage aging workforces and globalization to support the line and senior management to
identify, attract, retain, and develop talent, and adjust the organization of work. Join this
session to learn and discuss how the globalized SAP HCM solution supports you in setting
up a shared service center, helps you see what the potential roadmap could look like, and
explains how self-services for managers and employees across different regions and lines
of business can free up capacity to offer more value-add services from HR to the business.
You will also be able to see and give feedback on the new work center for the HR Business
Partner, new self services for employees and managers, and mobile apps for HR.

AGS Host: Uwe Simon

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Infrastructure Track
SAP HANA and Cloud Enabled Computing Center

Availability, performance and scalability of your SAP solutions depend on an effective
design and management of your IT infrastructure. Having the right set of tools, best
practices and services at your fingertips to ensure the infrastructure delivers appropriate
service levels for the application is key. Join us in this track to learn more about SAP
HANA and cloud enablement of your computing center. Gain valuable insight into technical
architecture options with SAP HANA including safe approaches for migration, high
availability and disaster recovery, database operations, performance and virtualization –
learning how seamless scalability is achieved. Hear more about cloud enabling of your
computer center and how to select the right virtualization technology including the
migration and management of a private cloud. Last but not least we will show you the
latest developments on SAP’s Supply Chain execution solution which comprises
Transportation Management (TM) and Extended Warehouse Management (eWM).

AGS Host: Uwe Inhoff

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Finance Track
The SAP ERP Financials Solution Powered by the SAP HANA platform
More efficiency, reduction in manual efforts, and more speed in closing processes are
examples of challenges CFOs and their teams face on a day-to-day basis. In this track,
learn new concepts on how you can innovate your current SAP financial applications,
from a central journal approach to managerial accounting of all financial documents. Be
introduced to new acceleration scenarios powered by SAP HANA including SAP
HANA enabled financial planning and consolidation tools along with SAP NetWeaver
Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA. Be prepared for interactive discussions
focused on the business challenges you face on a daily basis which could include: solution
flexibility, master data harmonization, landscape transformation tools, and more. Look
forward to hearing more about recent developments and future solution outlooks to round
out your camp experience.

AGS Hosts: Lars Buescher, Gilberto Henn

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Logistics Track
Continuous Improvement and Breakthrough Innovation
Customers have strategically invested in SAP Business Suite and expect SAP to protect
and add value to these investments. Big upgrades can be disruptive to a customer’s
business and make it difficult to take advantage of innovations in new software releases.
In this track, we will share with you how continuous improvement and accelerated
innovation can happen at the same time. Gain insight on ways to incrementally add value
without disruption through quarterly innovation releases and key concepts to simplify
complex application architectures. Learn about new technologies such as SAP HANA and
how it can be utilized in the context of logistics and create opportunities which were not
previously available: such as the SAP HANA Application Accelerator. Hear about new
approaches to reduce custom code or avoid it all together. Last but not least we will show
you the latest developments on SAP’s Supply Chain Execution solution which comprises
Transportation Management (TM) and Extended Warehouse Management (eWM). Come
prepared to discuss your organizations mission critical business process areas and we’ll
help you identify which applications/components to bring up on SAP HANA first.

AGS Host: Peter Goebbels, Chris Naab

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Development Track
User Experience and Mobility – Leveraging the Multi-Channel SAP Platform
Services-enabled applications allow for decoupling of the application layer (business functions) from the presentation layer. At the heart of this decoupling, SAP NetWeaver Gateway rapidly becomes the enabler for multi-channel deployments on any device, whether stationary or mobile. Most importantly, these deployments can be added without changing the existing user interfaces in the SAP Business Suite. In this track, learn more about how a service-decoupled approach allows you to develop user interfaces for end users that will deliver role-based working environments, work lists, and guided procedures that will integrate into their workspace all the analytical functions needed to efficiently perform their jobs, creating the ultimate user experience derived through multi-channel access of applications.

AGS Hosts: Markus Lauff

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PMO Track
Orchestrating Application Lifecycle Management
As a decision maker in your organization’s PMO, learning new ways to be more efficient and effectively meet the requirements from different lines of businesses is essential in today’s 24x7 world. In this track, learn how application lifecycle management from SAP enables you to consistently meet and exceed business requirements. By enhancing your ability to manage project rollouts, integrate functional changes to existing solutions, and consistently move a networked solution from project phases into operations phases, you can guarantee business continuity regardless of whether or not solutions are deployed on-premise or on-demand. Checks against solution, and product and operations standards are required in order to be successful. These solutions need to work end-to-end and integrate with various back-office functions, stay synchronized with changes and data transfers, and manage master data. Application lifecycle management from SAP helps you deliver the business continuity that your lines of business expect.

AGS Host: Marc Thier

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Operations Track
Orchestrating Operations with "Run SAP Like a Factory"

Establishing the proper foundation to accelerate innovation for the business is essential for achieving business goals. "Run SAP like a Factory" helps establish this foundation by providing an operations platform on SAP Solution Manager in which every exception in business process operations is efficiently monitored, managed, and handled based on guided procedures and a continuously improved knowledge base. It focuses on three key areas:

  • Application operations
  • Business process operations
  • Continuous improvement

This approach is brought to life through the establishment of an Operations Control Center that will put you on the road to running your SAP solutions with only two full-time employees per shift.

AGS Host: Nick DelGrande, Andrea Maspero

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SAP Innovation Camp

November 7 and 8, 2012
The Westin South Coast Plaza
686 Anton Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thursday, November 8, 2012
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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"Not Your Typical Camp Experience"
Read the SAPInsider article ›

Back by Popular Demand

Here’s what attendees had to say after the
July event:

“The sessions were extremely informative;
more detailed than a Sapphire session and
not as technical as TechEd, which was the
perfect balance for me.”

“Did not know what to expect, was thinking
sessions would be more selling then
education. Furthest thing from that. Informative
and thought provoking. Exactly what I was
looking for.”

“This was by far the best conf/mini conf I
have ever been to. The development track
attendance was on the smaller side allowing
us (the customers) to steer the presentations
and touch on what we needed.”

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