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  • Management Metrics

    You’re making progress in the way that successful companies have. Under Armour, for example, has managed its rapid growth by focusing on employee engagement and ownership of goals.

  • Information Flow

    Follow the example of La Vie en Rose, leading Canadian lingerie and bathing-suit company, which has leveraged customer data to drive workforce management, forecasting, and inventory decisions.

  • Analytics

    Continue using analytics to drive decision making to reach the level of top companies such as McDonald’s, which uses analytics of business process to form a clear competitive advantage.

  • Customer Centricity

    Consider making e-commerce and other key customer touchpoints more available in order to join best-in-class companies such as CooP.

  • Process

    Make process excellence a higher priority by following the example of Tawa Supermarket, which has leveraged technology across its stores to perfect inventory processes.

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How innovative is your retail operation?

Kellogg School of Management Clinical Professor Anthony Paoni has identified four key factors where targeted innovation can yield major results for smart retail operations:

  • Leadership and talent
  • Information advantage
  • Customer centricity
  • Execution excellence

Answer six short questions to see how your company stacks up against the results of this Innovation Index Study. You’ll get your score, and you’ll see how you compare to your competition. So you can see where your company is doing well and where you can innovate to become a market leader.

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    In my company, management metrics involve goals that are clearly tied to strategy and simple, actionable performance metrics.

    (1=Not indicative, 5=Highly indicative)

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    In my company, information flows freely, real-time insights are available, frequency and speed of data support timely decision making, and information drives action.

    (1=Not indicative, 5=Highly indicative)

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    In my company, data and information increase the speed of decision making, and internal analytics specialists are employed to find information, build models, and create simulations.

    (1=Not indicative, 5=Highly indicative)

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    In my company, representatives are available anytime to assist customers, creating a contextual, time-relevant, and personalized customer experience that is considered one of the best in the industry.

    (1=Not indicative, 5=Highly indicative)

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    In my company, processes that drive competitive advantage are designed for effectiveness, flexibility, and speed; process design leverages industry best practices; and high visibility is valued to better track process performance.

    (1=Not indicative, 5=Highly indicative)

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