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Welcome to SAP for Healthcare

Using Big Data and advanced analytics, SAP enables healthcare organizations to provide value-based care that improves people’s lives, increases operational efficiency, and leads to a more Intelligent Enterprise.

Intelligent Enterprise for Healthcare

Healthcare providers are seeing new opportunities from advanced technologies to create operational efficiencies in patient care, maximize their data assets, and contain costs. With the support of intelligent healthcare applications and platforms, industry-leading care providers are reimagining and delivering personalized, effective, value-based healthcare and seamless patient experiences that achieve these goals.

What Is an Intelligent Enterprise?

An Intelligent Enterprise uses intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things capabilities (IoT), and real-time, in-memory analytics to achieve operational and clinical excellence in care delivery. Hospitals are investigating these modern technologies and apply them when they find a quantifiable business value. For example, to eliminate the use of counterfeit pharmaceutical products in the legitimate supply chain, blockchain technology is being used to ensure the unique identification and verification of individual medicine packages. Another example is in patient-reported outcomes. Instead of patients completing questionnaires manually, conversational artificial intelligence can be used to capture the health of a patient, giving them an easier way to capture how they are truly feeling.

It is a long and frustrating journey for a patient taking part in the healthcare system. There is a need for the healthcare industry to focus efforts away from low-value tasks and steer toward improved patient outcomes. An Intelligent Enterprise can automate repetitive tasks and place a renewed focus on value delivery to allow hospitals to invent new business models and revenue streams. By applying core competencies in new ways, data-driven capabilities can be monetized.

The Benefits of an Intelligent Enterprise for Healthcare Providers:

  • Capability to create a logical data warehouse, where daily performance analysis can be used to track:
    • Population health quality and access metrics
    • Resource capacity and productivity
    • Clinical practice variations
    • Medication adherence
    • Patient satisfaction
    • Revenue cycle optimization
  • The ability to manage risk at the point of care
  • The capability to unlock, assemble, and ensure data protection of patient medical records
  • The potential to gain guidance by identifying the best, evidence-based course of care
  • The ability to uncover patterns in patient records to generate future knowledge

An Intelligent Enterprise for healthcare views its business processes and innovation solutions holistically. Placing a patient’s needs at the core of the enterprise strategy will change the very nature of the patient/doctor relationship, from reactive health to proactive health. Early warning signs can be detected with passive data capture from relevant biomarkers and epigenetic predispositions and are complemented with predictive based models.

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