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SAP and Roche Diabetes Care: Preventing Diabetes with the Swipe of a Thumb

Using the SAP Health Engagement solution, Roche Diabetes Care developed Accu-Chek View, a smartphone app linked to an online portal that helps patients and their healthcare professionals better manage and prevent type 2 diabetes

The Roche Diabetes Care and SAP Story

Innovations in medical technology – including wearables, sensors, nanomedicine, and genomics – are making drastic advances, at the same time that connectivity and data sharing technologies are painting a comprehensive health picture for patients.

SAP and Roche Diabetes Care are working together to leverage these new technologies and combine them with data to help millions of people who are at risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes live healthier lives.

View the resources below to learn how Roche used SAP Health Engagement solution to create the Accu-Chek View program. When paired with a blood glucose monitor, blood pressure device, digital weight scale and fitness tracker, this app provides a real-time picture of the patient’s health, empowering him or her to monitor progress, equipping physicians with a more accurate assessment of risk factors and treatment needs, and ultimately, improving quality of care, reducing the number of office visits, and saving time and money.

Watch the above video to meet James Doppler, the head chef at a restaurant in Berlin, Germany, whose work and lifestyle have put him at risk for type 2 diabetes. In order to take control of his health, James and his doctor are using Accu-Chek View, which empowers patients to track their clinical and activity parameters and encourages them to live a healthier lifestyle. Follow James on his journey as he uses this app built with SAP technology to stay motivated and control his health.

In a 12-month observational study, patients with metabolic syndrome that participated in the Accu-Chek digital prevention program were six times more likely to achieve the targeted weight reduction that’s critical for preventing type 2 diabetes. Patients who used the app also reported they were more motivated to change their lifestyle and felt more committed to the program because they were able to visualize their progress and work with their physician in real-time.

Learn how Roche Diabetes Care is transforming diabetes preventative care by using advanced technologies and data to reduce patients’ risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

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